By purchasing a membership plan from Angel Hands Skin Care, you agree to the following:

1. First month payment is required for sign up for any membership plan and is NOT refundable or non-transferable.

2. Membership commences on the date of sign up and amount will be charged on that date of month each month. Please contact business directly to modify the monthly billing date.

3. Monthly memberships canceled before the end of the term will be subject to charge. (Only applies to membership plans with fixed minimum terms and not month-to-month plans.).

4. All memberships paid monthly are not refundable in part or full after auto-payment has been processed.

5. A credit/debit card must be used for monthly payment of membership fees.

6. The business you are purchasing the membership from is in no way; responsible or obligated to pay for a member’s insufficient fund fees.

7. The business from whom who you are purchasing a membership from retains the right to auto-draft a member’s dues on their credit or debit card each month until the membership term has expired, or until a member cancels or pauses their membership (if permitted by the business).

8. Members may request a pause of a membership by contacting the selling business directly.

9. All membership plan cancellation requests, to the extent allowed by the member’s individual plan, will take effect at the end of the monthly term during which the business was notified.

10. All membership cancellation requests must be submitted to the business email on record. It is a member's responsibility to ensure that a confirmation has been received by email. Business is in not, responsible for a member’s negligence in checking their own bank statements to ensure that membership changes, holds, or cancellations have been processed correctly. In the event of a dispute, member is responsible for producing a copy of their request and the business confirmation for review. In the event that member cannot produce a copy of e-mail correspondence, then the business is not obligated to refund membership dues debited from a member’s account.

11. Memberships are non refundable and non transferable.